Chapter 1186 Hindrance

Clayton looked at Nicole with warm eyes and was just about to say something when Nicole tugged his arm and walked away. “Why are we still here letting the reporters gawk at us?” Nicole carried her skirt and walked away quickly while complaining in a small voice. Clayton laughed but did not say anything and followed her into the venue. Once inside, many people came over to drink with her. No matter where Nicole went, she easily became the center of attention. Her presence was natural yet eye-catching. It was not something that those actresses who deliberately showed off their status and competed with each other could compare to. Everyone gave Nicole a toast. Before Clayton could drink on her behalf, Nicole simply said that she did not drink. Thus, she toasted the others with a glass of juice. It was not time yet, so everyone was just chilling inside. No one noticed that Dominic Young had already arrived at the front. “Ms. Stanton...” Dominic was a big shot in the entertainme

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