The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1196 He Has a Girlfriend

Chapter 1196 He Has a Girlfriend

Dominic’s words were filled with an innate ruthlessness, which shocked Fabian. More than anything else, Fabian was terrified. It had been a resource that belonged to another newcomer in the company, but he had wanted it too much. His manager told him not to think about it because that newcomer was someone who Dominic wanted to promote. Just as Fabian was worried about it, Nicole came to the set, so Fabian intentionally revealed that Dominic was cold to him and did not value him. Nicole had called Dominic immediately back then. Although there was no explicit request for which resource it was, that ad still ended up in his hands. Fabian thought that no one would know about it. Unexpectedly, Dominic knew all about it. Fabian left the venue in a daze and did not know how he managed to go back. However, he realized that going forward, as long as he was still in the company, he had to keep his tail between his legs. If the contract was broken, putting aside the matter of the huge c

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