Chapter 1198 Babe

Nicole’s body melted into a puddle, completely devoid of strength. Her entire body was controlled by Clayton. She was surprised to find Clayton acting like a different person. Under that warm and gentle facade was a leopard that had been starving for a long time. Nicole, on the other hand, was the prey. At some point, Nicole was pressed onto the sofa. The large sofa dipped slightly, leaving her in a trance for a moment. She opened her watery eyes to see Clayton leaning over her, one hand twirling a lock of her hair and the other hand caressing her waist. Every place he touched was burning, making her tingle and shiver. Her body trembled. Nicole struggled to restrain her breathing to calm herself down. She looked up and met Clayton’s deep, dark eyes and instantly felt like she was defeated. His dark eyes were undisguisedly possessive and held an intense restraint. She could feel that his body was hot and tense, and certain places were reacting too. Nicole desperately tried to i

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