The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1200 He Likes to Cross-dress

Chapter 1200 He Likes to Cross-dress

Clayton gave a faint “mm” and compromised. He knew that he had no clothes prepared here, but he deliberately said that as a hint to Nicole. She could put some of his clothes at home. It was best if this kind of thing happened often. Nicole felt that it was better to let him go back to his own bathroom to shower in the future. It was too inconvenient here. Clayton looked at the white silk robe with delicate white floral embroidery on it. It looked exquisite. It was really a style that girls liked. He could tell that this brand was extremely niche. It was not ostentatious and was low-key, but it was quite expensive. Clayton put it on. It was small and could barely wrap around him. It was the best he got. When he walked out, Nicole had changed her clothes and was lying on the sofa watching TV. She laughed along with the variety program, looking very fascinated. Clayton was a little disappointed. He had to use such a long time to relieve himself, but she was already back to norm

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