The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1202 Got in the Wrong Car

Chapter 1202 Got in the Wrong Car

Nicole really wanted to warm herself up by a fireplace. Without thinking much about it, Logan’s phone lit up. He ran over in surprise. “President, someone has picked up the order. Let’s get in the car...” Nicole breathed a sigh of relief. Her legs would freeze into popsicles if she stayed out any longer. The two of them walked to the pick-up area. Before their eyes, a luxurious stretched Lincoln was parked with the back car door opened. Looking inside, Nicole saw that there was piping hot coffee as well. Nicole’s body instantly relaxed. She did not even think as she lifted her foot to get into the car. Behind her, Logan noticed something wrong as he looked at the color of the car in front of him. He had clearly called for an ordinary cab. Nicole bent down and went in, but before she could sit down, she saw the somewhat familiar person sitting inside. Eric Ferguson. Her body stiffened. Logan spoke up behind her. “President, the car is the one at the back. This one isn’t ours

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