Chapter 1204 Ex-Wife

Eric guessed. He did not hear anyone else earlier. Nicole was most likely only followed by Logan. Otherwise, she would not have gotten in the wrong car. It was fate. Nicole took a sip of coffee. As she swallowed the warm liquid, the heat immediately spread through her limbs, making her feel like her whole body came to life. Since Eric did not say anything excessive and they were still business partners, she naturally would not make things too stiff. Nicole smiled politely and detachedly. “The others came earlier. Logan and I were delayed by work until today.” After a pause, she spoke again. “Thank you for driving me, Mr. Ferguson.” Eric’s gaze was deep. The corners of his mouth twitched, but he said nothing and looked in the other direction. Nicole was relieved. She felt like Eric was being strange as if he became another person. Maybe he just turned back into the person he originally was. It was good. He drove her away from his world. The car was silent for fifteen minute

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