Chapter 1213 Running Away

Logan had someone come up and re-clean Nicole’s room. He was afraid that she was traumatized and suggested. “President, why don’t I change your room to a different one? Or should we go to another hotel?” Nicole curled her lips and stood up. “No, make do and sleep here. Go book a flight. We’re leaving first thing tomorrow morning.” “Are we running?” Logan subconsciously asked. After he asked, he wanted to bite his tongue off. His question was too direct. Nicole laughed softly and did not get angry. “Yes, of course, we have to run.” After all, this was the Sloan family’s territory. If Isaac was dead and they found out that Nicole did it, it would be like throwing herself into the net. The sooner she left, the better. Logan breathed a sigh of relief. He also felt that it was better not to stay long in this place. Then, he immediately booked a flight. Nicole spoke with Sully and suggested going somewhere else with Naomi to shoot, and that she was willing to bear all costs. F

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