The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1215 You Have to Hold On

Chapter 1215 You Have to Hold On

Logan stood there sheepishly. “Well... I’ve never encountered such a thing before, and I wouldn’t be able to hide it even if I wanted to. It was for your sake...” Nicole choked, rolled her eyes at him, and picked up her phone before leaving. She did not worry about anything else, but Grant would definitely lecture her later. How annoying. Logan sighed with relief and followed. ...... Early in the morning, in the Sloan family residence. Quavon stood in the luxurious living room with a heavy and aged face. After a night without sleep, Quavon looked haggard. He seemed to have visibly aged overnight. Finally, the doctor came out of the room. “Chairman Sloan.” “How is it?” The doctor paused. “The situation is very bad. Mr. Isaac showed signs of suffocation. Asphyxiation will affect the brain, but it’s not yet determined what after-effects he has. He’s still unconscious…” As the doctor reported Isaac’s condition, Quavon’s face sank little by little. “Get to the point!” The doc

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