Chapter 1221 Heartache

Floyd’s attitude towards Clayton and Nicole seemed completely different. Nicole pursed her lips. She was a little speechless. “Dad, since you said that, don’t go back on your word in the future!” Floyd glared at Nicole. “You have no say in that! Answer my question properly.” There were countless ways to solve the problem quietly. Why did Nicole send Isaac back? Nicole’s lips curled up. “It’s to provoke them. I want to let the Sloan family know about this. I want them to watch as Isaac dies. Does that scumbag think that I’ll be afraid of him?” Grant looked up and said nothing. Floyd also remained silent. Nicole did it on purpose, not recklessly. Clayton paused and spoke quickly. “Yes, if Isaac disappears without a trace, the Sloan family would definitely call the police or even contact intelligence services. The matter will just blow up then. However, what Nicole did makes everyone think that it’s a private feud. The police may not be willing to meddle in this matter.” Floy

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