The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1223 First Place From Behind

Chapter 1223 First Place From Behind

When mentioning the past, Floyd had a rare and warm smile on his face. Nicole stood there in embarrassment. “You must’ve remembered wrongly, Dad. I’ve never gotten bad grades before!” Grant snorted in disdain. “Before I tutored you, you were definitely the first place in class, counting backward, of course.” Grant exposed her unceremoniously. Nicole was speechless. ‘Did he have to do that? Are we really family? Why do we have to hurt each other? No, why did they have to hurt me?!’ Clayton could not help but laugh. His eyes when he looked at Nicole became gentler and curious. It was such a nice story. He wanted to know more. Outsiders saw Nicole as excellent and perfect, but she had bad grades before? After dessert, there was still a while before lunch. Floyd could not rest assured and called Grant to the study to talk. Although Nicole could hold her own in the business world, there were some shady areas that they had never let her touch. Thus, Grant had to stand out instea

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