Chapter 1227 Comeback

Nicole walked over and subconsciously took his arm, but Clayton suddenly dodged at the last second, so she only grabbed air. She was speechless. Nicole looked at Clayton in shock. This was the first time Clayton refused her initiative. Clayton coughed twice and looked at the person in front of him awkwardly, smiling. “Please go ahead, Chairman Stanton...” Clayton extended his hand in gesture. Nicole subconsciously looked up to see Floyd’s dark eyes glaring at her. Floyd thought, ‘This no-good daughter! Does she not want her dozens of suitors and male fans anymore?’ Nicole sheepishly withdrew her hand and turned to take Floyd’s arm. She smiled. “Daddy, please take a seat...” Floyd snorted coldly and turned around to leave. He did not want to pay attention to her. The butler watched from the side and laughed. The house was rarely this lively. If only Kai was here as well… The meal was considered lively, and they video-called Kai halfway. It was nighttime where he was. Kai lo

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