The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1229 I Know It’s You

Chapter 1229 I Know It’s You

Nicole pursed her lips. When the words came to her mouth, she suddenly felt that what Eric wanted might not be these words of gratitude. However, Nicole could not give him what he wanted. She did not have anything to offer but this. “Thank you, Mr. Ferguson.” Eric choked, and he felt like his blood had stopped flowing. “For what?” Eric involuntarily squeezed his phone tightly. Nicole said, “You were the one who helped to block the news regarding Isaac’s incident, right?” Eric paused and was silent for a few seconds. “How did you know?” Nicole did not say anything and glanced at Clayton, who was focused on driving. Eric smiled. His tone when he spoke was slightly languid. “It’s nothing. It was just a small effort. I already showed him mercy by not stabbing him instead.” Nicole tried to appear calm. “No matter what, I still have to thank you. When you come back, I... Clayton and I will treat you to dinner.” Eric stood there. The blood seemed to freeze in his veins. He sti

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