The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1234 Aren’t You Jealous?

Chapter 1234 Aren’t You Jealous?

As soon as Clayton spoke, both women froze. One was a little shocked, and the other paled. Autumn was still a member of the Ferguson family, so although she was currently only an intern in the company that Clayton was cooperating with, no one dared to say anything to her because of her family background. Clayton humiliated her for a divorced woman, but she was a high and mighty daughter of an affluent family. How was Autumn supposed to show her face in the future? Autumn was almost trembling with anger. The little good feelings she had for Clayton disappeared. She gnashed her teeth and sneered. “Then I won’t bother you anymore. Have a nice meal.” Autumn simply turned around and left. At that moment, she also lost the mood to eat. She remembered something, took out her phone, and called her friend who was far away in Liberty. “Hello? Is this the Sloan residence? My name is Autumn Ferguson. I’m Isaac’s classmate as well as his friend...” The person who answered the phone was Qu

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