The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1236 Simply Terrible

Chapter 1236 Simply Terrible

Clayton said, “I’ll go with you. I’m really worried about you being alone!” Nicole laughed. “I’m going there for business. How can I take my family with me? My employees will laugh at me. You just relax and wait for me here. I’ll call you often...” Logan wanted to cover his ears. He found that after Nicole started dating Clayton, she was acting less and less like a domineering president. Instead, Nicole acted like a teenage girl in love. Clayton seemed to be pleased by the word “family” and agreed to whatever she said, his mind was spinning so much that he could not tell left from right. He smiled and responded, “Okay. I’ll see you off then?” Nicole sternly refused. “No need. We’ll be leaving soon...” Logan already packed up a few simple pieces of clothing from her cloakroom and packed them inside her small suitcase. Then, he carried the important documents and laptop and waited outside for Nicole to come out. Nicole grinned at Logan. “Thanks, Logan!” Logan was flattered.

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