Chapter 1239 Soft-Hearted

The worker froze. His hands clenched in anxiousness. “Of course not. Can I continue working here?” Jacob’s mouth twitched. He wanted to fire this person long ago. If not for the fact that things were not clear yet and he was worried that firing the worker would only turn him against them, causing a more serious impact on the project, he would not have kept this worker until now. However, the worker actually said that he wanted to stay and work here? Did he not bring them enough bad luck already? His resume was brilliant enough and Nicole gave him such a big cake, but he repeatedly encountered various difficulties. He was almost too ashamed to meet others. However, Nicole only smiled faintly and nodded in assurance. “Of course. If it’s found that what you did wasn’t on purpose, of course, you can continue to work here.” The worker stiffened for a moment before immediately standing up in excitement. He was just about to step forward, but Luca came up from behind Nicole and stop

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