The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 123 Work and Earn Your Own Money

Chapter 123 Work and Earn Your Own Money

When Eric thought of the image of Nicole walking under the streetlight with her head full of blood and her back looking so cold and lonely, his heart could not help but ache at that moment. He knew that he owed her too much and that there was no way he could repay her. Old Master Ferguson glared at him. “If I wanted to apologize, why would I still be so angry? This apology would just confirm that we slandered her! Our stocks and company’s reputation will go down the drain!” Ingrid Ferguson echoed on the side, “Yeah, why should we apologize? We can just settle with them privately. There’s no need to risk our family’s reputation. So what if she’s Floyd Stanton’s daughter? Is she superior to everyone? We didn’t force her to marry into our family, nor did we force her to get a divorce, so why should we humiliate ourselves?” If they apologized, Ingrid’s name in the gentry circle would become a laughing stock! She would not be able to continue mingling with them and would certainly be mo

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