The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1264 A Little Abnormal

Chapter 1264 A Little Abnormal

Autumn swept Logan with a gloomy glance. “How much is your monthly salary as an assistant? You offend people so easily. Aren’t you afraid that if Nicole doesn’t want you, you’ll have nowhere to go?” Logan smiled. “Sorry, I’m on an annual salary package and signed a lifetime contract.” Logan was the only person in Stanton Corporation who had special treatment. Autumn was furious and looked away, refusing to say another word. When she arrived at the place, Logan took her to an office and let the female secretary search Autumn’s body. Autumn did not prepare anything out of the ordinary and came empty-handed. She only had some cosmetics and a phone in her bag. Only then did Logan take her back on the elevator and go to the floor where Nicole was on. Logan knocked on the door. When Nicole said “come in”, Logan opened the door and let Autumn in. He swept a glance at the meeting room and saw only Nicole sitting there and Luca playing games with his head down in the corner, whose pres

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