The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1273 Fear of Exposure

Chapter 1273 Fear of Exposure

Nicole did not understand Clayton’s question. ‘What was the point?’ “Of course, there’s a use. Logan will think of a way!” Aside from home, Nicole would feel more at ease with Logan when she was outside. After all, Logan was an attentive, serious, and amazing assistant! Nicole thought that any amount of bonus was not enough for the work Logan did. Clayton silently lowered his head and instantly looked downcast. The next second, he took out a bluish-gray handkerchief from his pocket. It looked very expensive. He used some force to tear it into two triangles from the middle. Then, he gently held Nicole’s ankle. Nicole was slightly stunned and wanted to say something, but she held back. Clayton wrapped the handkerchief around the injured part of her heel. Then, he tied a knot and stuffed her foot back into the shoe. The remaining long triangular part at the back was wrapped around the part of Nicole's skin that was abraded and looked more like an accessory. It completely separat

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