Chapter 1275 Injured

Logan’s shout drew a lot of attention. Some security guards and reporters gathered there. It was a live broadcast. The netizens were shocked at this scene. How dare that reporter do such a thing? [Isn’t that the reporter?] [What is he doing? Is he trying to kill someone? That person is Nicole!] [Quick, put down the knife! Everything can be talked through!] [OMG, this is terrible! That reporter must be desperate, right?] ...... Logan stood at the front. He calmed down after the panic. His gaze was tightly fixed on the man behind Nicole. “Don’t make a move. What do you want? We can talk. You should know who you’re holding hostage, right?” The man laughed lightly. His blade came closer and pressed against Nicole’s skin. Nicole subconsciously lifted her head and leaned back. She shot Logan a look. Logan looked at the reporter calmly. “You were incited by someone to do this, so you’re not the one we’re ultimately looking for.” That reporter finally could not help but speak

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