The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1280 He’s Your Son

Chapter 1280 He’s Your Son

Autumn was shocked as she stood aside. She could not digest all the information and Quavon’s sudden anger. ‘Isaac Sloan is paralyzed? Clayton’s about to inherit the entire Sloan Corporation?’ Autumn felt like she found out some big shocking secret. Did Nicole do it? Every time Autumn looked at Clayton, he was so gentle and self-possessed, as if he was born to stand tall in the sun. He had the courage to be ambitious and had the experience of coming from an extraordinary background. In the eyes of outsiders, Clayton was a successful man who had been carefully nurtured. Although he had no rights to the inheritance, his resume was polished enough. At this moment, Clayton stood there, tall and upright. His warm and gentle smile was nowhere to be seen. His eyes were sharp, and his face was gloomy, somber, and cold, as if he had turned into a different person. Quavon finished speaking and glared at Clayton intently. He was resentful and reluctant, but he had no other choice. He coul

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