The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1282 Guess Where She Is

Chapter 1282 Guess Where She Is

Autumn just felt like it was not worth it for Clayton to do this. Clayton’s eyes turned to her with an extremely cold gaze. “I’m not part of the Sloan family. Even if you want to daydream, don’t come to me.” Anyone could tell that what Autumn wanted was not just Clayton, but also the entire Sloan Corporation that was within his reach. Autumn was hit even harder. Her face was drenched with tears. Her expression almost collapsed. “You’ll regret this! You’ll definitely regret this, Clayton!” Clayton narrowed his eyes. The unsettling feeling in his heart grew more intense. It seemed to be related to Nicole. However, Clayton could not catch any clues. Suddenly, he realized that Quavon was here and wanted to target Nicole. Quavon would not come unprepared. Then, there was Autumn and her identity. It seemed like she could be of use to help do something. After all, even Eric Ferguson did not know that Quavon came to Mediania. Quavon came to look for Nicole. That was the true dang

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