Chapter 1284 Forgot

Nicole held her breath for a long time before she dared to turn around and catch her breath. Her pounding was getting weaker, but she still leaned against the wall and kept striking. Neither of her phones had any signal. She was really desperate. ...... “Why is it taking so long? She won’t become a fool, right?” It was a familiar voice. “Bullsh*t! You bastard, how dare you say that about your sister?! I’ll smack you to death!” “My dear father, I flew for more than ten hours to come back. You didn’t even hug me and scold me as soon as you opened your mouth?” “Get out, out, out—” Nicole heard the noisy and familiar voices intermittently. It was as if there was a great force that pulled her back. Her consciousness drifted awake. The bright sunlight shone outside the window, and the branches swayed. Nicole squinted her eyes and tried to move. However, her hand was squeezed tightly, and she could not pull it back at all. Nicole loosened her strength and opened her eyes to se

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