The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1286 Who’s Comforting Who?

Chapter 1286 Who’s Comforting Who?

Floyd scolded him furiously. “The difference between the two of you is too big. One is a genius, but the other is an idiot!” Kai was indignant. “Dad, didn’t you share my thoughts too?” “Bullsh*t!” ...... In the room. Even the quiet sound of breathing became lighter. Nicole looked at Clayton. His features were cold, and the familiar warmth diminished. She reached her hand out, and Clayton went over to hold it tightly as if he never wanted to let go again. “Nicole. Baby, I’m so sorry...” He suddenly hugged her tightly. The taut string in his chest finally snapped. He was really about to break down, especially when he heard Logan say that Nicole went out to find him. That feeling was like his entire world went dark. Nicole patted him twice and smiled. “It’s okay.” There was a pause. She could not help but ask, “Did you find that person?” Clayton was speechless. He struggled to pull himself out of his sad mood. Looking at Nicole’s vibrant appearance, Clayton was also re

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