The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1289 Give Him a Chance

Chapter 1289 Give Him a Chance

When Jacob saw that Nicole was fine, he really wanted to burrow through the lens. Everyone knew that since Grant came to Sand City, Grant’s style and methods were completely different from Nicole’s. When Nicole got angry, it was just pure anger. When she scolded someone severely, she would probably not stay angry for long. It was when she hid a dagger in her smile that meant she was truly angry. However, as long as Jacob did not cross the line, Nicole would generally turn a blind eye. As for Grant, his thunderous style could torture a person to death. Just one look from Grant could make someone too scared to say anything. There were no second chances. After just a few days, Jacob had a feeling that he would not be able to continue living for long. Nicole smiled and blinked at the screen. “Mr. Cook, did you dye your hair? Why is it all white now?” At that mention, Jacob wanted to shave his hair bald. Since Nicole’s accident, Jacob did not even dare to get a full night’s slee

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