The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1296 You Know It’s a Trap

Chapter 1296 You Know It’s a Trap

Nicole finished speaking and curled her lips. She took a step back and gently reached out. “Go board the plane...” Quavon’s lips twitched. The veins at the corners of his forehead bulged. He wanted to kill this woman, but he simply did not have the power. On the contrary, it was easy for Nicole to get rid of him, who had secretly come over to Mediania. “Ms. Stanton, I underestimated you. But don’t forget that a Sloan is still by your side.” Quavon gritted his teeth and reminded her. He wanted to irritate Nicole and did not want Clayton to get together with her. If Clayton and Nicole were together, they would be unstoppable. It would do Quavon no good and only cause him harm. Hearing that, Nicole raised her brows and smiled. “Chairman Sloan, do you know why I didn’t get you killed while you were here?” Nicole’s voice was very pleasant and gentle, but the words she uttered were extraordinarily harsh and intimidating. Quavon’s face changed. “Because I don’t want Clayton to h

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