Chapter 12 Payback

The guests looked at the trio strangely. Everyone knew about the Ferguson scandal, but the Fergusons were powerful, so no one dared to add fuel to the fire and only watched the drama unfold. ‘Is Eric’s ex-wife not as innocent as she seems?’ Eric Ferguson frowned slightly and thought that Wendy Quade was being rude. He was just about to go over and pry Wendy away when he saw Nicole turn around with a cold face. While the crowd was still dumbfounded, Nicole grabbed Wendy’s arm and marched towards the pool. Wendy was like a helpless puppy that was being dragged by Nicole and did not even have a chance to retaliate. Nicole held Wendy’s chin, then gave her a crisp slap across the face, which made Wendy scream in pain. After that, Nicole released her grip. Wendy then fell into the pool with a big splash. Wendy’s scream stopped abruptly as she struggled in the water, shocked and humiliated. Nicole withdrew her hand. Her gaze was cold and sharp, and her tone was indifferent as she said, “Since you accused me of doing something I haven’t done, I ought to live up to it. You can stop the act. I admit to what I’ve done now.” Wendy was thrown into the pool under everyone’s watchful gaze. Her reaction was very different from the first time when she jumped in herself. Thus, everyone began to be skeptical. Eric Ferguson also questioned what he saw at that moment. The Nicole in front of him seemed like a completely different person. The water in the pool was not very deep. Wendy saw that no one was going to save her, so she was about to climb up herself when she suddenly felt a cold liquid raining down on her head. The scent of the 1982 Lafite wine was strong as it dripped down Wendy’s hair. Wendy’s dignity was completely crushed as she looked up in fear. Nicole’s eyes were cold and sullen with unbridled contempt as she poured half a glass of wine over Wendy’s head. She was instantly in a much better mood. “This is an extra gift for you, Ms. Quade. Don’t be in such a hurry to leave just yet. I still have another surprise for you.” When Nicole left the scene, everyone looked at Wendy with disdain. ‘How can a bad person act so righteous?’ One of them was calm and collected, while the other one was panic acting. Everyone could see that Wendy started this pretentious act. “Eric…” Wendy’s voice trembled as she carefully looked at the man. Wendy hated Nicole so much because Nicole stole Eric’s attention and all the limelight away from her the moment she appeared. If it was not for Nicole, Wendy would not be in such a mess and would not become a laughing stock. Wendy admitted that she panicked. All she wanted now was to hurry up and leave because she did not know what other tricks Nicole had up her sleeve. Eric withdrew his gaze and called a waiter to help Wendy, who was shivering after falling twice into the water. “You fell in by yourself just now, right?” Eric’s dark eyes were cold and gloomy. Wendy looked flustered. “Of course not! Why would I frame Nicole? Can’t you see that she’s crazy and just wants to get back at us? Eric, do you not trust me? Do you not believe in Hendrick?” Eric’s gaze was deep as he scrutinized Wendy. His intimidating gaze made her tremble. “I’ll send you back first.” Wendy looked relieved and was just about to nod when someone shouted, “Look upstairs!” Everyone’s attention turned to the second floor, where Nicole was standing nonchalantly with a large crocodile leather suitcase in her hand. She was leaning against the railing with her arms bent and had a cigarette in hand. The wisps of smoke made her look so enchanting that the crowd could not move their eyes away. Wendy’s heart shuddered, then watched as Nicole casually took out a stack of Benjamins from the bag next to her and threw it out insouciantly. Those crisp bills floated in the air and fell onto the ground and the water. Nicole continued throwing money by the handfuls. Many waiters and guests excitedly picked up the notes and everyone was shocked by this scene. After a while, Nicole felt that it was not satisfying enough, so she took the bag and inverted it over the railing. Just like that, $25 million in cash eloquently rained down on the people below, including Eric Ferguson and Wendy Quade.