The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1319 Not Getting Married

Chapter 1319 Not Getting Married

Maverick glanced at Kai silently and turned back without saying anything. Kai and Nicole exchanged a glance. They could see that something was off with Maverick. Kai sat to the side happily. “Don’t hold back, Second Brother. Tell me if you have any problems. I’ll definitely help you. Is it a relationship or professional problem? Is there another genius in your research institute who’s better than you? Or did you run out of money?” Maverick rolled his eyes speechlessly and stood up to go upstairs. Halfway up the stairs, Maverick paused. “Lil N, come up.” Nicole, whose name was called, froze and suddenly stood up. “Sure thing!” Kai said, “What’s that supposed to mean?! Why did he only call for you and not me? Don’t I deserve to know?” Nicole smirked at Kai smugly. “Maybe everyone knows that you're just a pretty face?” “F*ck off!” Kai picked up the pillow and threw it at her. Nicole dodged it nimbly and went upstairs, grinning. Maverick’s room was on the third floor, the hi

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