Chapter 1321 Insane

Carol spoke perfunctorily as she worked. “I know, I know. I wonder if tigers eat sweet food?” “Tigers are carnivores and hunt for their prey. There’s no refined sucrose in the natural environment where they live, and the sugar needed by their bodies will be absorbed from plants and animals...” Tigger was very happy to give Carol a science lesson. Carol interrupted it helplessly. “Tigger, play me a song. I need background music to get into the groove!” Tigger huffed reluctantly. It was enjoying the process of conversation with humans. Nicole watched Tigger for a while and could not help but smile. She knocked on the door. “Tigger, have you found your new hobby?” At the sound of Nicole’s voice, Tigger excitedly jumped down from the high stool and pounced on Nicole’s body to act spoiled. “Mama—” Nicole laughed and stroked the tiger’s soft and comfy fur. Several maids hurriedly put down the work in their hands and looked at Nicole expectantly. “What brings you here, Miss?” Nic

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