Chapter 1329 It’s Not Too Late to Regret

Molly stood there without saying a word. However, from Nicole’s angle, she could see that the corners of Molly’s eyes were red and moist. Nicole looked at Maverick and gave him a look. ‘What are you waiting for? Strike while the iron is hot!’ Maverick paused and took a step forward. He put one hand in his pocket as if he was about to take something out. Nicole and Kai watched nervously and excitedly. Was he proposing? That was really a pleasant surprise! Nicole did not teach him to do that. She did not expect Maverick’s brain, which was full of formulas, to be able to read between the lines. What a skill! Molly swallowed her saliva. Although she did not speak, there was a hint of nervousness in her expression, as well as expectation. Maverick came up to her, and under everyone’s eyes, slowly got down to his knees. Everyone was instantly shocked. Even Kai froze. The next second, Maverick pulled Molly’s hand and took a deep breath. He took out something from his pocket an

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