Chapter 1338 Overjoyed

Nicole kept panicking when she looked at the phone. She did not know why she was so angry either. It was just a video. It was nothing out of the ordinary. However, Nicole seemed a little afraid. She was afraid that Clayton would see it. She was afraid that he would misunderstand. How was she supposed to explain herself if he misunderstood? Nicole went back to her room and looked at her phone with a restless soul. One minute, five minutes, ten minutes... Nothing. Did he not see it? As long as that thought flashed by, Nicole instantly felt much better. In Liberty. Clayton lost his mood to work the moment he saw the video on Kai’s social media. Kai’s caption was clearly a joke. However, in the video, Nicole and the man playing the violin were too harmonious and well-coordinated. Clayton felt a very strong sense of crisis. He thought, ‘Should I ask her about this video? Will she get angry? Will she think that I’m small-minded?’ Clayton hesitated and felt even more stuffy in

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