Chapter 1340 Forced

Back in the Sloan family, Liam had only seen his mother a few times. However, whenever Liam mentioned his mother, he was very happy. Every day, Liam looked forward to his mother coming to pick him up. However, she never did. The woman lowered her eyes, took out a cigarette from her pocket, lit it, and held it between her fingers without smoking it. She just let it burn away. “Back then, I didn’t agree for Liam to date that girl because she was one of Quavon’s people. Quavon wanted to find an excuse to drive Liam out of the house, so he deliberately set up a trap.” Clayton shook violently. The woman smiled faintly. “Quavon spared no effort to pave the way for the son he had with his stepmother. So, do you know why I would rather Liam hate me than let that woman marry him?” In the end, she paused. “But I didn’t expect them to have a child. Liam was still a boy himself, but he got a woman pregnant so capriciously. It’s a good thing that the woman was killed by Isaac not long after

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