The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1347 Who’s in Charge?

Chapter 1347 Who’s in Charge?

Who actually exposed this? Clayton’s face was calm as he sat there. He looked completely unaffected as he kept himself out of it. Nicole, however, did not hide her mood of watching a good show. Her gaze was playful and delighted with a faint mockery. Quavon felt like his blood was flowing backward throughout his body. Even his breathing began to feel labored. He stared intently at Clayton. ‘Even if Clayton hates me or is repulsed by me, how can he still not stand out to say something?’ The Vice President saw that it was about time. He picked up the microphone. “This matter is all in the past, and Isaac has ended up in that situation, so let’s not dwell on this. We still need to continue discussing the acquisition of Sloan Corporation…” “Bang—” Quavon was furious as he threw the microphone to the side of the stage. It made a loud noise. Everyone looked over in shock. “I disagree! I firmly disagree with the acquisition! As the major shareholder of the company, I have veto powe

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