Chapter 1349 Betrayed Him

The people below the stage had great opinions about Quavon going back on his word. Although this benefit did not belong to them, they disliked such dishonest behavior. Quavon was like a scoundrel. Quavon’s face was red with anger. It was amusing to see his expression. Nicole laughed. “How could you still have the nerve to get the decision-making power when you got the company into this state? Chairman Sloan, I believe that if you continue to stay on the board, the entire corporation will probably go bankrupt!” “Nicole, don’t get too complacent!” Quavon spoke viciously. Nicole looked at him calmly and snorted lightly. There was no sentiment to speak of in a business competition. Here, age and seniority did not have any advantage. When competing, they were just rivals. Thus, Nicole’s words were not polite. “Or what? Should the company be in the hands of someone who went back on his word like you? It’s no wonder Sloan Corporation is in ruins!” Quavon’s face turned glum. He ru

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