The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1355 It’s All in the Past

Chapter 1355 It’s All in the Past

Clayton laughed. The corners of his lips twitched, and his smile disappeared. “Ridiculous, right? I haven’t told anyone this before. Even Quavon doesn’t know that I already know. The reason my mother was driven mad before she jumped off the building was that she already knew that Quavon could not tolerate her. Even more so, he couldn’t tolerate me, so her hope of using me to rise to the top was destroyed. Not only that, but Quavon also ruined her job and didn’t leave her any room for maneuver. She was at a dead-end.” Nicole stood there for a long time, unable to digest such shocking news. Although she knew that Clayton was definitely not welcomed in the family with his status, she thought that he would at most suffer a little in terms of living conditions. She never thought that he kept such a big secret hidden in his heart. Clayton tore through his deepest darkness and lightly spoke of the most hurtful past. Just hearing it, word for word, was enough to make her feel suffocated.

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