The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1357 Awkward Cutie

Chapter 1357 Awkward Cutie

Nicole planned it very well, but Clayton got into this trouble. Nicole saw his hesitation, thought about it, and spoke. “Well, it’s not necessary to make Sloan Corporation that great, just enough to get by. In fact, I’ve thought of many ways. An acquisition is the easiest, but it’s hard to swallow such a large conglomerate in one go. The integration and restructuring of various areas will be too time-consuming. If it fails, it’ll implicate the acquiring company, which isn’t worth the loss. That’s why I decided to just maintain the current situation and see how it goes!” Clayton nodded silently. “Fine. But I can only take over for this period. Once it’s back on track, I’ll hand it over to a professional manager. I won’t work for the Sloan family.” Clayton did not hate them, but that did not mean he was not repulsed. Nicole gladly agreed. It was already a great concession for Clayton to agree. The main thing was that the current situation was a bit tricky. It would take a lot of

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