The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1363 Her Parents Came to Visit

Chapter 1363 Her Parents Came to Visit

Nicole was stunned for a moment. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I would’ve asked Dad to prepare some gifts for you to take over.” Maverick shook his head. “There were too many people. Almost all of their relatives were there, so I just went to greet her.” Nicole wrinkled her brows and thought for a moment. “Almost all of them? Did you introduce yourself when you went?” Maverick nodded. “Molly said that I should just be honest and introduce myself, but after I introduced myself, her mother looked very happy. It’s really strange. Her mother knew about me already, so why was she suddenly so happy?” He was puzzled by this and was thinking about it for the whole night. Interpersonal relationships were really too complicated for him. Nicole smiled with understanding. She went over and patted his shoulder. “Your excellence saved you!” Maverick did not understand. He raised his eyes in confusion and pushed up his glasses. “What do you mean?” “You went over to introduce yourself i

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