Chapter 1365 Deviate From the Track

Aida walked in with a smile and nodded at Floyd in greeting. “Good morning, Dad!” Floyd nodded. His expression eased a lot. “You’re here! You’re much more understanding than Grant. It’s such a big day, but he’s not even here yet!” Floyd really never missed a chance to complain. Nicole looked at Aida speechlessly before she pointed at her watch. “Dad, it’s not even 8:00 am yet. Grant went to the office early to work overtime!” “Hmph! The company won’t go bankrupt if he doesn’t go for a day anyway. He’s just worrying for nothing!” Floyd indignantly turned around and walked away. Nicole helplessly looked at Aida and shrugged her shoulders. “He’s really too excited…” Aida laughed. “But why does dad look kinda nervous?” Floyd was the Chairman of Stanton Corporation and had single-handedly built this business empire, so he had seen all kinds of people before. Why was he so nervous then? Nicole looked like she could see through it all and mysteriously leaned in. “He has low self

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