The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1371 More Punctual Than Anyone Else

Chapter 1371 More Punctual Than Anyone Else

After Maverick heard this, he seemed to notice that he said something wrong, so he glanced at Grant with great regret. With just one glance, Grant’s gloomy gaze was fixed on him. This was the first time. That was because Maverick’s words reminded Aida of an unpleasant past. Maverick instantly pursed his lips and looked at Aida with a complicated gaze for a few seconds. He did not mean it. Aida did not care about it. She smiled and continued to explain. “Molly’s family values your relationship very much, so they’ll definitely take it seriously. If you two secretly get your marriage license, when they find out, their good impression of you will be greatly reduced. Then, it’ll also put Molly in a difficult position.” Hearing Aida’s words, Maverick could not help but fall into thought. ‘Is that really wrong? I just think that it’s just a matter of time before we get our marriage license, so sooner or later won’t matter. But what Aida said makes sense. It seems like this will ruin th

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