The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1373 You Want to Sleep With Me

Chapter 1373 You Want to Sleep With Me

Nicole’s body trembled fiercely. She unconsciously let out a moan. Her voice was extremely soft and seductive. Even she did not expect that she would make such a sound. After moaning, Nicole was startled and came to her senses. The man did not notice her abnormality, but that sound made his blood surge. He was willing to hand his life to her. His advances intensified. Since his hand was not rejected, Clayton became greedy and wanted to touch more of her. Touching every inch of her skin made his heart tingle. He was completely intoxicated as he caressed her. Clayton knew that Nicole’s body had a fatal attraction. The man’s palm soon became hot. Nicole knew very well that if she did not refuse his advances at this time, it would get out of control. However, Nicole could not bear to disappoint Clayton. During the hesitation, the sky spun around, and Nicole was carried to lie on the soft sofa. Clayton’s eyes were bloodshot and dark, with a strong repressed desire. The way he loo

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