The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1378 I’ll Be Fine After Getting Some Sleep

Chapter 1378 I’ll Be Fine After Getting Some Sleep

The man behind Nicole did not move and put his hand on Nicole’s waist. His palm was hot, which made her feel slightly uncomfortable. Nicole moved, but Clayton woke up immediately. “Are you uncomfortable?” His voice was low and hoarse. Nicole answered and did not say much. The man embraced her tighter from behind. His tone carried some guilt. “I did my best to restrain myself. Do you want some ointment? If you’re really uncomfortable, let’s go to the hospital.” If they went to the hospital because of this, it would become a big deal. Not to mention the Stanton family, if other people spread the news of this, the whole world would know. Nicole grunted and blushed. “No, I’ll be fine after getting some sleep.” Her voice was soft and delicate. She was clearly tired. Nicole was not super uncomfortable. Her body was just very sore. However, she did not want to say that, lest he thought that her physique was better than he imagined, then he would have no mercy on her in the future.

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