The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1381 You’re Still Together?

Chapter 1381 You’re Still Together?

Gerard Lichman stood outside. Although it was a little cold, he still waited outside. When he saw the two people in the car not coming down even after a long time, he began to pay more attention to what was happening in the car. Clayton smiled humbly and ingratiatingly, but Nicole’s face was cold and solemn. It was like a rich woman being pestered by a pretty boy. Gerard was not in a hurry. He just stood there and watched the scene inside like he was watching a good show. According to the script, Nicole would throw a slap at Clayton and let him know his place. Yes. If that happened, he would not have come down for nothing. It would be worth it. However, the next second, Nicole angrily cupped Clayton’s face and pressed a fierce kiss on the side of his cheek. The two men were stunned by this kiss. Clayton did not expect her reaction to be so big. This was kissing him? What was the difference between this and being bitten? Gerard was also shocked in place and felt like his e

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