The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1399 Scare Him Away

Chapter 1399 Scare Him Away

Ian’s expression changed instantly. Adeline looked at Ian with an eager gaze, as if her heart was hanging on his body. When Terrence almost ruined the Carter family before, the Carter family already regarded the Zabel family as a thorn in their side, but it did not affect Adeline’s love and obsession for Ian. The moment Adeline saw Ian, her eyes instantly lit up and she lifted her skirt to come over. Ian was frightened and let go of Nicole’s hand, wanting to leave Nicole behind and run away. At that thought, that was what he did. “Nicole, I’m leaving. Take care of yourself!” Then, Ian lifted his legs and ran. He bumped into several wine glasses and was gently chided by the elders and relatives on the side for not being steady enough. However, the moment they noticed Adeline, their chiding voices changed. “Hurry up and run. Don’t get caught!” Nicole looked at this scene with surprise. It was like a farce. Eric, who was in front of her, only wanted to be alone with Nicole. He

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