The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1403 What's the Big Deal?

Chapter 1403 What's the Big Deal?

Mrs. Carter's attitude towards Ann was not very warm. She only nodded politely before turning and leaving. Riley quickly pulled her. "Auntie, I’ll go to Grandpa and pay my respects to him and tell him this piece of good news too!" Mrs. Carter was put on the spot and hesitated. To the side, Claire pulled her sister’s arm. "It’s a great opportunity. Let Riley meet the Old Master and mention joining the company. In the future, he can stay in the company and help Ian!" Mrs. Carter was clearly awkward. "Forget it. I've never talked to the Old Master about stuff like that. Let's talk about this later." "What's that supposed to mean? Are you saying that you don't want Riley to join the company? He learned a lot while he was abroad and can help Ian. If family don't help each other, others will think of us as a joke." Mrs. Carter rubbed her temples, not knowing how to refuse her sister. It was fine if it was just helping out normally. She agreed because she pitied Claire. However, Cla

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