The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 141 Not the Reaction She Should Have

Chapter 141 Not the Reaction She Should Have

Ingrid did not expect that her small impulsive move would bring so much trouble to Ferguson Corporation, yet Nicole, the one she wanted to mess with, was still unharmed! After she returned to the Ferguson Villa, Old Master Ferguson scolded her in a thunderous voice for a whole afternoon. No one dared to speak up for her. Old Master Ferguson, like Eric, also believed that Ingrid should go and apologize to Nicole. Ingrid was then locked in the memorial hall at the Ferguson Villa and punished to kneel for the whole night. The next day was Hendrick’s death anniversary. Nicole never imagined that she would see Wendy Quade and Eric Ferguson in front of Hendrick’s grave. Ian Carter also saw the couple. He looked upset and pulled Nicole back. “Hendrick, Eric has been taking good care of me. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of myself.” Wendy finished talking to the tombstone and shyly glanced at Eric on the side. Wendy was incredibly soft and gentle as she continued to speak, “Eric, I

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