The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1420 She Likes Thin Waists

Chapter 1420 She Likes Thin Waists

The series of movements were fluent, skillful, and crisp. Nicole had already arrived at Clayton’s door before she could react. She scratched her head and looked at him with misty eyes. “Clayton, you’re back?” Clayton looked at her with a deep gaze and hummed. Sure enough, Nicole drank too much. Nicole once again threw herself into his arms and muttered. Clayton frowned. He did not hear her since her voice was too soft. He lifted her face and narrowed his eyes. “What did you say?” Nicole smiled, brilliant as the sun, and wrapped her hands around his waist. “I said that your waist is really thin. It’s thinner than Ian’s and Fabian’s....” In an instant, the air seemed to freeze for a moment. Clayton’s eyes were deep as he looked at her. “Is that so?” Nicole nodded firmly. “Yup!” She grinned and praised him. “This size is great. I like slim waists!” Clayton’s face was dark and sunken. There seemed to be a huge storm brewing inside his eyes, a storm that was about to sweep

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