Chapter 1428 No Choice

As Ann spoke, her eyes tinged with a deranged smile. It was as if she would never give up until she reached her goal. Eric’s eyes were cold. His pupils were dark, and the temperature in his eyes when he looked at her dropped even more. When he heard the name “Nicole” coming from Ann, his eyes became even colder. Nicole was his taboo. No one could mention her. Nicole’s makeup on Ann’s face looked very odd, like an out-of-control marionette. It made him feel like destroying her. Ann looked at Eric, determined to win. “Eric, I’m willing to dress up as the person you like forever. I don’t care at all. From the first time I met you, I fell in love with you. I felt that you had to be mine.” She smiled willfully. Eric’s tone was cold. “Is that so? You must be delusional.” Ann smiled at him. “Of course not. During that explosion on the streets of Europe five years ago, you saved Nicole, but you also saved me. Did you think you just saved a random ordinary person?” Eric’s gaze sank s

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