The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1431 Are You Implying Something?

Chapter 1431 Are You Implying Something?

Nicole got off work and looked at the man standing in front of a low-profile black Cayenne downstairs. Her eyes lit up and she walked over quickly with a smile. “Are you here to pick me up? Why didn’t you come upstairs? How long have you been waiting?” In front of her, Clayton’s eyes rippled with a light smile. He held out his hand, and Nicole placed hers on his large hand. He squeezed slightly, and Nicole was dragged into his arms. The two of them quietly embraced. Nicole smelled the warm and silent fragrance on his body, the light aroma wafting into her nostrils. Her hands wrapped around his waist, and she surrendered almost her entire weight on his body. A few seconds later, she suddenly exclaimed. “Have I told you that your waist is really thin before?” Nicole felt the man’s body stiffen for a moment. Then, his eyes darkened, and he looked down on her. His eyes shined with an unknown meaning. Nicole continued to sigh. “It’s different from a girl’s. Your waist feels strong

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