The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1434 Is This Necessary?

Chapter 1434 Is This Necessary?

Nicole looked at him suppressing the anxious look on his face and smiled faintly. “Mr. Moore, I'll say this again. She's not at my place. Please search somewhere else.” Then, Nicole turned around and pressed the button for the elevator. However, Sean did not give up and followed after her, holding the elevator doors and looking at her. The veins stood out on his forehead. “I want to talk to her!” Nicole said, “Contact her yourself.” “She's not picking up my calls. She's still angry with me.” His face was stiff and cold. Nicole said, “If she's not picking up your calls, then there are only two reasons. One, she's waiting for you to come to her door to apologize, but she didn't tell you where she is. Two, she wants you to give up.” Nicole smiled and looked at Sean's almost broken expression. Logan entered the building and saw the standoff at the elevator. He instantly acted as if he was facing a great enemy. He quickly got someone to drag Sean away from blocking the elevator an

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