The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1448 Scold Me if You Want To

Chapter 1448 Scold Me if You Want To

As a result, after a few seconds, Mrs. Quimbey only stared at her daughter quietly with a sunken face and did not make a sound. Yvette could not stand the silence and said, “Just go ahead and scold me if you want to! I’m ready for it!” She felt uncomfortable if her mother did not scold her. Mrs. Quimbey stared at her daughter who was spoiled and capricious. Yvette had been in all kinds of trouble, but no matter how much she was disciplined, she just could not learn to control her temper. “I remember that you said those bold words here in this office three months ago, telling me that you must be with that man even if you never get married or get a title…” Mrs. Quimbey’s tone was sullen and cold. She watched as Yvette’s expression stiffened and crumbled a little. She felt a little heartbroken. After all, Yvette was her daughter. “Mom, can you not mention this?” Yvette looked at her mother. Her face was expressionless when she spoke, but her eyes unconsciously reddened. Mrs. Qui

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