The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1451 Break Them Up

Chapter 1451 Break Them Up

Yvette refused to let go of gossip. “What happened? Did Aunt Fiona break you two up?” Lance’s eyes looked amused when he heard Yvette’s words. “My mother used the old-fashioned way. My ex took a sum of money and left.” Yvette snorted and shook her head. “Tsk tsk… It is quite vulgar. If she stayed with you, she would’ve had all your money. If I were her, I’d never leave so easily!” She could only say that Lance’s ex-girlfriend was too shallow. Lance raised his eyebrows and lifted his eyelids to look at Yvette like he was extremely interested in her. “Will you persist?” “Of course! One has to cast a long line to catch a big fish!” Lance’s smile deepened. “Ms. Quimbey, you sure have great foresight…” Yvette paused and felt a little embarrassed that she just used herself as a comparison. She immediately changed the subject. “But why aren’t you sad? Why didn’t you resist or quarrel with Aunt Fiona?” Lance looked at her with calm eyes as he smiled and shook his head. “Those are

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